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April, 2022

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Supported a comment by Tim Redmond on Resilient Washtenaw 4 months, 3 weeks ago
Tim Redmond
I wonder if the Ecology Center is paying any attention to this problem. You might want to bring it to their attention, Steven. They are a great advocate for change in such matters.
Supported a comment by Daniel Parnell McCarter on Resilient Washtenaw 5 months ago
Daniel Parnell McCarter
Even though I don't live in West Willow, I especially care about this issue as someone with asthma. Poor air quality in low-income neighborhoods is an urgent environmental justice issue.
Supported a comment by Teresa G on Resilient Washtenaw 5 months ago
Teresa G
Would love to see data on air quality and emissions for West Willow and other neighborhoods adjacent to current and historical industrial uses, as well as the landfills to the east along i-94?
Supported a comment by Gillian Gainsley on Resilient Washtenaw 5 months ago
Gillian Gainsley
There is a ton of surface parking downtown, and most of it sits empty most of the time. EMU parking is used only weekdays, church parking is used only weekends/some evenings, and neither allow people to park there on weekend evenings to patronize local businesses, so the city builds even MORE parking. There's got to be a way to disincentivize these massive, empty, single-use parking lots.
Supported a comment by Murph . on Resilient Washtenaw 5 months ago
Murph .
This is a broad / county-wide need -- massive parking lots that sit empty much of the time can be found in most of our communities and are an opportunity for more efficient use of land.
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