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March, 2022

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Commented on North and LaSalle 2 months ago
An event venue similar to Park West in Lincoln Park for films debuts and small music performances could be interesting. Old Town doesn’t have one currently
Supported a comment by Matt V on North and LaSalle 2 months ago
Matt V
None. Please replace this with something that doesn't attract noisy vehicles.
Supported a comment by Kash M on North and LaSalle 2 months ago
Kash M
add electric charging stations
Supported a comment by ETHAN LESHER on North and LaSalle 2 months ago
No gas station should ever be located next to any city park. We should not continue inviting a constant flow of heavily polluting vehicles next to our priceless green space. This property, as it currently stands, attracts too many vehicles to the area and thus creates a hostile environment between motorists and pedestrians entering/exiting Lincoln Park and/or surrounding areas. This has been a long time filling station for motor groups that cause immense noise pollution and interrupt the flow of traffic. Additionally, this has become a violent point for the area and requires redevelopment to improve the safety/wellbeing of our community.
Followed North and LaSalle 2 months ago