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May, 2022

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Commented on 440 Arden Way 3 months, 2 weeks ago
I also want to reiterate that north Sacramento is overall low income and vulnerable- and worse- neglected and thrown away by the city. This project so far is daunting ugly- imprisoning- I absolutely welcome new neighbors but want us to have a nice place to live- together- this so far With the cost at million $ a unit this should be amazing for us and the planned outcome is hellish. Where is the LEED building and the rooftop waterwise garden? Where is the retail space at the floor level? Solar? Where is the vision for us? Not with 440 Arden so far- there gonna have to compete with Arden Way apts (vista Del chandos) just down the street- disaster above the gas station. So very disappointed in you.
Commented on 440 Arden Way 3 months, 2 weeks ago
You do realize, Bridge housing that most of the people who live in north Sacramento are low income right? We are not San Francisco and we are not east sac, land park, midtown etc. so please stop the build affordable housing l! When most of the houses here are actually still affordable- a lot less than what each unit will cost taxpayers and for our welcome new peeps- without the million dollar price tag per unit in a crappy looking building you have come up with. I wish you could just buy the families and people a house up here- would be much more sensible:
Commented on 440 Arden Way 3 months, 2 weeks ago
I’m not surprised you are Bridge since each unit will cost close to a million dollars of tax payer money to build and in the end- You will profit- and it still looks bad with your Feb 6 new architecture plan- looks like a prison sadly- so disappointing.
Supported a comment by Stuart Gow on 440 Arden Way 5 months, 1 week ago
Stuart Gow
This project will physically dominate our community, monopolize our green space and congest our roads. But there are nearby spaces where this project could instead improve the environment. The inflexibility and the lack of imagination and foresight from the State and Bridge is awful. The community knows this project is a huge mistake so why can’t you listen Bridge?
Supported a comment by Stuart Gow on 440 Arden Way 7 months, 1 week ago
Stuart Gow
Colleen the average income in Woodlake is 54k so most of our community would qualify to live in these apartments. Home prices are inflated. We are not Beverly Hills or even East Sac. Most people just want these apartments to not be five stories high.
I hope these people reply to you and that you can get in. I have a friend who is 73 and hope he can get in too.
Supported a comment by Arthur D on 440 Arden Way 7 months, 1 week ago
Arthur D
We live on Woodlake Drive directly across from this looming monstrosity. We will see this beast from our beautiful 1960’s bungalow front window every day. It is horrifying that this is being dumped in our neighborhood. Woodlake, which was featured by Preservation Sacramento, is the crown jewel of Old North Sacramento. It is an historic neighborhood and should be protected from reckless development like this. It is crazy this is even being allowed. Woodlake is a quant English village full of historic homes, most of which date between 1910 and the 1960’s. Woodlake home prices range from 600 thousand up to a million or more, this is not a cookie-cutter residential neighborhood. A five-story building in Sacramento’s most beautiful suburban residential park is insane. There is not another five-story residential building anywhere in North Sacramento. There is barely anything over two-stories and yet you are putting one here in the historic Woodlake neighborhood park, that is nuts. Del Paso Boulevard is where low-income development is needed and justified. It has the Art Deco style you are claiming to emulate. But there is nothing Art Deco or appealing about this atrocious structure of concrete, metal siding, and glass. Enormous address numbers in a font that looks vaguely Art Deco-ish "lipstick on a pig" will not transform this blocky institutional looking building into something appealing for Woodlake or North Sacramento!