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November, 2018

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I agree with the other comments re: access & safety that have been made. Even with an elevated walkway, I'm concerned that a parking garage across River Street will create gridlock between Capitol Blvd. & 9th Street. You'll have to put in a traffic light on 8th which will mean very few cars can turn west on River in any one cycle without backing up traffic on Capitol. This will be especially true when special events are held at BSU (concerts/games) or in Julia Davis Park (e.g., Art in the Park). Cars entering & exiting the garage (whether on 8th or River) will further congest an already busy intersection. The new library, as proposed, creates so many challenges to our community. I hope it's not too late to re-evaluate what the architect has offered. Can't we go back to the drawing board and design a building that better meets the need of Boiseans now and in the future?