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February, 2022

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Supported a comment by Elaine J on 440 Arden Way 9 months ago
Elaine J
Why aren’t you thinking of how this will effect the safety of the existing Community. Putting Sidewalks around the Park will only create more dangerous situations when they try and walk down the sidewalks and cross the streets to no sidewalks. This project will push children into the streets when they walk to school. Are you going to take Responsibility when one of these children get hit.
Supported a comment by Karen S on 440 Arden Way 9 months ago
Karen S
And no mention of the expected 400 students at the school coming in across the street. No answer to the fact that Twin Rivers are the lowest performing schools in entire state. (Will jamming so many low income projects in such an educational disaster area pass Federal muster? We shall see. Seems blatantly racist to me.) How about the streets, narrow as the Crookedest Street in SF, going to accommodate ambulances for our large elderly population and school buses? I have pictures of one stuck between cars. Poorly thought out project that offends the elderly, school children, and the sacred area of the Police Memorial.
Supported a comment by Stuart Gow on 440 Arden Way 9 months ago
Stuart Gow
This project will physically dominate our community, monopolize our green space and congest our roads. But there are nearby spaces where this project could instead improve the environment. The inflexibility and the lack of imagination and foresight from the State and Bridge is awful. The community knows this project is a huge mistake so why can’t you listen Bridge?
Supported a comment by Dave C on 440 Arden Way 9 months ago
Dave C
Bridge Housing should be required to pay for sidewalks and traffic mitigation at least between this housing project and the local school. Should also be required to fund two new teachers and two new classrooms at the local elementary school
Commented on 440 Arden Way 9 months ago
Restaurant / cafe / bar
Commented on 440 Arden Way 9 months ago
Read the general plan