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January, 2016

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Supported a comment by Ray G on Haverhill TDI 3 years ago
Ray G
That would also attract more pedestrians to walk on the Bradford Rail Trail too as well as traveling by bikes or walking around downtown. It would be nice to see the whole entire downtown be bustling with excitement with lots of culture and entertainment.
Supported a comment by Ray G on Haverhill TDI 3 years ago
Ray G
I would also love to see a skate park also near the boardwalk and try to connect the boardwalk from the Basilere Bridge and Comeau Bridge together.
Commented on Haverhill TDI 4 years, 7 months ago


i agree that something in or closer to downtown could be great. 

There are some great local builders as well. They would be very happy to talk .

second to that I would also encourage a murals initiate. sevwral other cities have engaged in large scale mural programs, bringing visitors from all over.

a program like like this could also be paired with youth arts programming. 


I would be happy to discuss some other ideas as well

please let me know 

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Commented on Haverhill TDI 4 years, 9 months ago

last year I reached out to City Hall asking questions around the skatepark in downtown.

i received a response but no follow through from the parks and rec dept. 

Haverhill has many parks and green spaces but they mainly focus on organized sports like baseball and football.. Skateboarding, bmx, scootering and so on are the sports of today's youth. There is an opportunity to evolve our parks to make them more relevant for these kids and family's. This encourages family's to get out outdoors, see more of the city and potential business support.

if we think of the youth and what they need it is my believe the city would thrive.

This is one of many opportunities that can change the face of Haverhill  from parks to public art outreach to work Artist studios and many many others.