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November, 2021

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Followed North and LaSalle 9 months ago
Supported a comment by Neil Cook on North and LaSalle 9 months ago
Neil Cook
I am glad that the current property respects the historic architecture of The Moody Church architecture and stays within zoning for a 5-story building. Thank you.
Supported a comment by Laura B on North and LaSalle 9 months ago
Laura B
Please no more high rises in this area! Already over populated. Those of us who live here have beautiful park & lake views. Don't take that away!
Supported a comment by C Williams on North and LaSalle 9 months ago
C Williams
This property should be used to help create a more pedestrian-friendly LaSalle, especially so close to Old Town. Historic character and density can, and do, coexist!
Supported a comment by Phyllis M. on North and LaSalle 9 months ago
Phyllis M.
No more big buildings that do not enhance the historic charm of our neighborhood. I am sure that your superb designer could come up with a plan to make this block a fabulous oasis in the middle of the city
Supported a comment by Debra D on North and LaSalle 9 months ago
Debra D
I strongly believe the space should not be residential, especially a high rise building. I categorically am opposed to a high rise due to traffic congestion and believe it would compromise the integrity of the neighborhood.