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December, 2015

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Connecticut River

farm products and farmers

academia, scholars

bookstores linked with readings, music, coffee and other activities

Commented on Downtown Springfield TDI 5 years ago

More seamless public transportation, more activities and training centers for Springfield residents, and job sites in Downtown linked with recruitment and training for Springfield residents.  

More visuals and fun activities that use the Connecticut River--what an amazing natural resources.

Tours that capitalize on the historic qualities of the city, which cannot be replicated. Historic buildings from churches to storefronts can be entryways to a particular population of history buffs, scholars, and artists.

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Commented on Downtown Springfield TDI 5 years ago

Please make the impact of this district (1) raise the median income of Springfield residents and (2) lower Springfield unemployment/under-employment numbers. 

I appreciate the effort to capitalize on the downtown area for businesses and investors and to attract white-collar commuters and suburban residents---but hopefully the impacts will reach the residents of Springfield.  Funds coming into the area and the improved physical sites should be connected to adult basic education (ABE) like literacy, ELL, HiSep/GED, basic professional skills, and livable wage jobs with 40-hour stability for Springfield residents, with them as the target population.  Such integrated use will lead to better social and cultural access as well as professional access for city residents who need such contact.    Downtown and the reputation of Springfield will not fully improve until the general city population improves as well.

Better public transportation around the city with more buses and more regular hours will be crucial to connecting the residents.  Connecting public transportation to the suburbs and offering more regularity might remove the stigma of riding the bus as well as offer better resources for city residents.