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Yes I agree with the Free space idea. Another option might be what the city of Brampton is looking into; providing free studio spaces for artists with the expectation that they would do something in return to the community (i.e. host workshops, exhibitions that bring new artists/residencies etc., collaborative events in the community etc.)
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It's so true, everything you said. They don't care, they are just here to make a profit and it is likely that all of these comments are going to be ignored how they usually are. And we are the bad guys whose voices are brushed under the table because we "oppose the development". I don't oppose anything, but I am tired of seeing all of these issues about design and culture and affordability being swept under the rug. No developer is able to sit back and say their development has flaws because they realistically are just there in the interim following orders. We're just thinking several boxy blue/green glass towers with an ok spandrel, nothing too out of the box, nothing too progressive.. okay, yep boss, whatever you say... and the trend repeats itself. Canary wharf, Hudson yards, south core they all follow the same principle of being a corporate and soulless lacklustre downtown. What is staggering is that even after designing all of these districts, there is countless criticism that Cadillac Fairview or Adamson never learn from. Multiple articles, videos and comments on websites are proof that people tend to stay away from these kinds of developments. Countless people have asked about arts, quality and forward-thinking design, but nope, the renderings are bland as usual. It's tasteless and we'll just have to sit back and watch the developer go with what they know, resisting the urge to challenge the binary and create a memorable district known by the world.
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Paul Y
800 comments on Parks? Trees? Culture? Maybe . . . as a way to market this plan. It is not endorsed by our elected representatives or City planning staff. It will go forward as a Ministerial Zoning Order (see staff report - top of pg 2). LINK: https://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2021/ph/bgrd/backgroundfile-168262.pdf The province is giving the developer a massive re-zoning and we/the City are left out. The consultants and developer are here short-term. We can take up valuable time asking about public space, affrdble housing, parks, trees and culture however, without the City planning process there are no agreements and no reasons I can see why a developer (partnered with the Premier) would spend on these extras. Cadillac Fairview (owned by the Teachers Pension Fund btw) will maximize profit for share holders regardless of what we add to this list of opinions. We have no power. And yes we have a huge affordability crisis in Toronto but from my experience living here since mid 80's simply building more condos has never resulted in affordability. Public funding (from development charges etc.) and/or development agreements have. Where I live, a family shelter was integrated into a condo because the Councillor and staff worked with the developer and made it a condition for approval. Will this developer funded consulting team figure out how to ensure the developer provides what the City planners and Elected reps would have demanded? Don't think so. Look at who has the power.
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Public Art is not enough to make a meaningful difference in the arts community. We have been hit very hard, I want this district to be supportives of all forms of art and expression. the 520 acres Downsview development team just released a document that is creating an arts/culture task force that will oversee cultural development over time. In order to create a meaningful art/cultural destination, it is important to create such a team that will support diversity of artists; indigenous, black, people of colour, LGBT etc. East Harbour needs to be an equitable place; regardless of income, race, orientation or gender all should be welcome to visit. Ensuring gallery spaces are representing a diversity that Toronto is known for is key. A major development like this will suffer greatly if not enough attention is going to be paid on arts/culture and bringing people together in a cohesive way whilst sparking a progressive and inclusive dialogue about what it means to live in a multifaceted, sustainable and connected growing city. I work near dupont and davenport in a shared studio setting -The arts has a way of bringing people of so many different walks of life, yet in Toronto there’s so many barricades for people of colour, emerging youth, underrepresented communities and artists living in poverty. East Harbour needs to take these issues seriously, which could create a unique and welcoming district for everybody. Meaningful changes could happen with your support.
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