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July, 2021

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Commented on Coast Guard Neighborhood Renewal 1 year, 9 months ago
Name it for something evocative of the natural beauty all around. Manzanita? Buckeye? Oak? I like the idea of having the word “Corner” in the name for its location at that bend in Mesa Road. Makes me think of the town Grover’s Corner from the play “Our Town.” Avoid naming it for a person, living or dead, please. Avoid cutesiness or any name with the word “estates” in it ( I doubt that would be a contender, but just thought I’d mention it).
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Madeline Nieto Hope
I think it would be wonderful to have an integrated place based community process that was inclusive of the past, present and future. A community process that is inclusive of children, youth, families, seniors and the resident population PLUS community partners to work on this together. It seems like from one integrated process you could harvest names that could be useful not only for the entire neighborhood as it is called by the town or County but also inside of the neighborhood, the names that would weave together the areas within the neighborhood with special features- playgrounds, recreation (basketball, tennis) common spaces, community kitchen, etc.