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July, 2018

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Supported a comment by Diane Plastino Graves on Main Library Campus 2 years, 9 months ago
Diane Plastino Graves
And it is important to note that the Salt Lake City and Seattle libraries, often touted as similar to Boise's plan, both received a bond levy vote from the citizens, which has been denied to date by our City Hall. By my count, this and the stadium will be the largest taxpayer-funded projects in the City of Boise' history. If we vote for fire stations, foothills preservation, and school bonds, we deserve the right to vote on these extremely large projects.
Supported a comment by April LOrange on Main Library Campus 2 years, 9 months ago
April LOrange
We aren't complaining about *a* new library. We're complaining about *this particular design*. What is functional in Salt Lake City won't be here, due to differences in climate and orientation. What's beautiful in Salt Lake City, where they've built quite a bit from pale stone, sticks out like a store thumb in an area made of red brick. Accept that we aren't anti-LIBRARY. Meet us halfway, and let's talk about how to meet the needs of our community at large, not the able-bodied folks who drive to Salt Lake City in particular.
Supported a comment by E.B. Schofield on Main Library Campus 2 years, 9 months ago
E.B. Schofield
Complaints versus serious concerns and unanswered questions regarding the true costs and the impact on all taxpayers are two different issues. Although supporters of this project state there are no new taxes, that does not mean your existing taxes will not be increased to cover this very long-term debt, including an as yet unkown amount of transaction fees and interest for the Lease Financing component.
Supported a comment by Johnie Thompson on Main Library Campus 3 years ago
Johnie Thompson
How about the city that had the wisdom to let a long-term lease to Biomat for the adjacent building when the library expansion was in future plans (something amells of fish here) admit their error, set down and talk to their tenant about providing them with another location and expand the existing LIBARY! building to the west? I'm expecting one of your glib, weak "PR" excuses to this; please include credible costs estimates for this as opposed to the current "plan". I am sure Mr. Bertram would be much interested in this also. Thank you for your prompt reply.
Supported a comment by Pamela B. on Main Library Campus 3 years ago
Pamela B.
Boise isn't just downtown. We need libraries in West Boise. Where is the outreach for the other Boise residents?
Supported a comment by April LOrange on Main Library Campus 3 years ago
April LOrange
I agree with M. Thomas about the city reading all the comments. I'm still waiting for a single reply to any of the points I've raised. They only reply when they have a pat answer they feel makes them look good. Real "additional comments and questions" are ignored.