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June, 2021

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Commented on Coast Guard Neighborhood Renewal 1 year, 8 months ago
After the Community Connection focus group on 7/25 in which I was a note taker some ideas coalesced for me. Using the four areas of discussion prompts: welcoming, amenities, sustainability and resilience, I am better able to evaluate conceptually some of the possibilities that have been offered no and in the past.. I am entering one idea in particular here as a complex, but possibly significant example of what I mean. Building a microgrid system based at the property but extended to the village would serve multiple purposes. The broader community would recognize and value the property as a resource beyond housing. The grid would need storage and maintenance providing employment for residents. The subsidies for installation and the cash flow of operation could help amortize the capital costs of the development. The operation would contribute to the properties sustainability and community resilience. I am suggesting this here as I did not want to offer the idea at the focus group as a note taker. However, listening to the discussion, I was impressed by the collective spirit of the group in thinking holistically. I am going to contact folks in Stinson Beach considering a microgrid and try to understand the possibility and the constraints. I suppose there will be issues of scale, cost effectiveness, financing, regulation and management. It may involve organizational structures in addition to Eden and CLAM, like a utility district or service district.
Commented on Coast Guard Neighborhood Renewal 1 year, 9 months ago
In making these comments it might have been better to see each question in advance to think about before going through the program. I would emphasize this last question, the open ended question, as especially important to capture ideas that might otherwise not fit in the set questions
Commented on Coast Guard Neighborhood Renewal 1 year, 9 months ago
I commented in another section on the "green" space. The riparian section is an incredible but complex feature of the property. I understand adapting and landscaping the extent of the creek is going to be a subsequent phase involving significant permitting and planning, bot some exciting design concept created in advance could excite everyone.
Commented on Coast Guard Neighborhood Renewal 1 year, 9 months ago
I think this is the most challenging and crucial planning element to develop. Thought should first be given to how any programming at the property serves residents, then the village (or broader community). A commercial kitchen and food service has myriad possibilities. Sharing food creates community and joy. A food coop would compliment the kitchen and serve residents well. There have been successful coops in the past but always challenged by the cost of operation
Commented on Coast Guard Neighborhood Renewal 1 year, 9 months ago
The expanse of the property between the road and creek from the entrance to the housing is inviting. It can be very wet, but may serve to have casual gatherings for the community. Since it is out of the usual flow of the visitors to town, it may serve as a picnic area for locals and residents to interacts
Commented on Coast Guard Neighborhood Renewal 1 year, 9 months ago
Interpretation along Papermill Creek and the railroad right of way. We need to find out whether the site was settled (seasonally or otherwise) before the coming of the Spanish and then the railroad. Commodore Webster is the railroad track, The Cross Marin Trail is envisioned to come near or to the property, I believe.