community review
Phase Community Review
Bicycle Parking 8
Vehicle parking 12
planning-zoning PRO district
office coworking
Commercial 8,300 sq ft

COhatch seeks to transform the historic building on 2814 Detroit Ave, previously Bounce Nightclub, into a community-focused co-working space and a family-friendly eatery. The proposal calls for an improvement of the parking lot by eliminating the existing curb cut on Detroit Avenue, improving both pedestrian and vehicular safety. The parking lot will be repaved and a new landscape, benches and shade trees will be planted along the property’s boundaries. The existing fence, which is 5’ of height, will be replaced by a lower fence. The refreshed parking lot will provide 12 spots for vehicle parking and 8 spaces for bikes. 

Improvements of the building include new openings with garage doors, a new patio space, a new rooftop patio, and a pavilion structure adding to the one-story portion of the building. These features greatly increase the visibility of the building and enhance the pedestrian experience. 

I am presenting to the community for:

  • Conceptual/Design Feedback and Input
  • Zoning Variance Support 
  • Planning Commission Support
  • An exception to the Pedestrian Retail Overlay
  • Liquor License